There are many excellent resources online for the DeLorean DMC-12 automobile. One unique advantage to the DeLorean as a classic car is that there was only ever one model, the DMC-12. Now while there were changes during the 9000 car production run, other than a few changes ('gas flap hood' to 'no gas flap') the cars are largely identical - produced in both manual and automatic drive.

This webpage will focus only on the fixes, updates, and upgrades made to the DMC-12, to enhance the ride and reliability of the car. This listing is not intended as a how-to for these changes. If you're interested in learning how to fix or upgrade the DMC-12, then the forum is a fantastic resource and community.

Table of Contents

System Description Gallery
Door Lock Module

The DLM locks or unlocks both doors due to the key locking/unlocking either door, or the passengers locking/unlocking the doors using the buttons on the door armrest. The circuit has a high standby voltage and can run down the battery. The fix is known as the Elvis DLM upgrade and involves replacing transistors and diodes, and optionally upgrading the relays.

Elvis Mod On Door Lock Module Board
LED Lights and Headlamps

The most complete source for a LED lighting swap is found here. He describes all the bulbs that can be replaced and how to find LED equivalents. More recently options have become available to convert headlights to LED. They require a greater degree of modification - not just bulb swaps - but they significantly improve the night time visibility.

Electric Power Steering

The stock DeLorean is manual steering. While this provides good 'road feel' it can be a bit of a chore to steer at low speed and does compromise working the gears. DMC does sell a retrofit power steering column, however I've selected to add an electric assist motor to the steering linkage.

Electric Power Steering Mockup
ICE Removal

The TesLorean does not require the engine, transmission, alternator, water pump, clutch assembly, AC compressor (belt-driven), or brake booster. These components will be removed from the car carefully leaving all the hydraulic and electric systems in place.