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The TesLorean project could not happen without the reference information, technical assistance and general motivating power of the DeLorean, EV Conversion, and Tesla communities.

Click on the icon's below to go directly to the "TesLorean" thread on the respective forum. While you're there browse around and see the existing things people are doing in the EV communities.


The TesLorean control systems are built around Arduino (specifically the Ruggiduino) in combination with a collection of other components (4D systems 7in touchscreen).  Each of the controllers (battery, charger, trip, thermal) requires programming.

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There is a ton of support online for the TesLorean project - whether it's just a cool project, or you're interested in the technical details, or weird and unusual things in general. To support the interest level, I'll be posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so that people can stay up-to-date on the project.

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