Brusa NLG513 High-Voltage Charger Programmed

by Jeff Cooke 14 January 2017

Got the Brusa NLG513 charger set up successfully (after a long lead time getting ports and connectors ready). The Brusa charger can take 120-240 volts AC and charge up to a 500 volt DC battery. The charger can be programmed to handle different charging profiles (as different battery chemistries need to be charged differently).

Brusa NLG513 to Laptop

I'm going to be charging up a 360 volt (nominal) Li-ion battery. I couldn't find any existing profiles so I'll need to develop one myself or make friends with the internets.

Just FYI: This charger was recovered from a 2010 Ford Transit EV conversion in the UK. The previous set up controlled the charge profile with CAN messaging - notably it did not use the charger's own battery temp monitoring lines. Likely the setup included a battery monitoring system (BMS) including temperature and voltage monitoring, which then modified the charging profile as necessary with CAN messages.