Custom Half Axles

byJeff Cooke 11 April 2018

The main mechanical connection between the Tesla components and the DeLorean is the link between the rotational output of the Tesla transmission and the rear drive wheels of the DeLorean.  The Tesla drive unit sits in the engine cradle at the rear of the DeLorean and the transmission outputs are positioned roughly where the DeLorean's transmission outputs were.

The DriveShaft Shop fabricated the custom axles from two Tesla axles.  They took the differential (transmission) adapters from the Tesla, and then machined and welded on more common axle interfaces (picture on right). Once these adapters are inserted into the Tesla drive unit differential, the custom half axles are attached to the adpaters (at the differential) and to the DeLorean spindles (at the rear wheels). 

Custom Half Axles   Transmission Adapters

Since the Tesla drive unit just fits into the DeLorean engine cradle, the differential must sit off the center line of the car (in the model S, the drive unit is positioned such that the differential is positioned centrally).  This means that in the TesLorean the axles are unequal lengths by about 2 inches.  Since the drive wheels are in the rear of the DeLorean, the unequal axles will not lead to torque steer (in the model S, the front drive unit powering the steering wheels is off center, and thus there is a lay or intermediate axle to reduce torque steer).