Driveunit Mounted

byJeff Cooke 22 June 2017

Mounts for the Tesla drive unit (motor, inverter, transmission) completed (although not painted yet). The welding is ugly but functional.

I used the existing engine and transmission mounting points for the new front and rear brackets. The Tesla motor has rubber mounting bushings built-in front and rear. I attached the Tesla side mount to the DeLorean frame and made a bracket to adapt the drive unit mount points to the new side mount location.

Tesla Motor Mounted in DeLorean Frame

The drive unit sits more to the left than right for two reasons, 1) the high voltage (400v) DC power cables enter at the bottom right (just forward of the existing RHS motor mount), and 2) to shift the differential as close to center as possible. In the Tesla the rear motor is positioned to the left hand side to leave the differential equidistant from the wheels (in the front-wheel drive Tesla's they use a lay shaft). With the DeLorean engine cradle, the half-axles will be 1-2 inches longer on the LHS than the RHS.

The Tesla motor can produce 250 ftlb at 0 RPM, so the drive unit will be pulling up on the front mount and pushing down on the rear mount. The side mount is principally for stability.

The drive unit is tipped down about 20 degrees (from the level mount found in the Tesla). This is well within the 45 degree limit for the oil pickup. The position was selected to provide clearance for the half-shafts.

Next up axle measurements. Custom axles are needed to accommodate Tesla differential inner CV and DeLorean rear hub outer CV connections.