News On Our Progress

Tesla Steering Wheel Controls - Decoded

The goal is to use the Tesla steering wheel in the TesLorean (in place of the stock DeLorean wheel). The Tesla wheel is much nicer! But it would look pretty silly to have the Tesla wheel, but be unable…

27 November 2016

Jeff Cooke

Ready For Frame-Body Separation

A key step in the conversion from Internal Combustion Engine to Electric is the removal of the original Engine and Transmission. This can be done without separating the DeLorean body and frame (upper and…

2 October 2016

Jeff Cooke

Upgraded and Uprated Rear Suspension

Today got the LHS rear suspension reassembled. Every component of the rear assembly was updated and upgraded. The rubber bushings were all replaced (trading 35 year old rubber for new rubber), with…

21 August 2016

Jeff Cooke

Powder Coating Rear Suspension

DIY powder coating is a slow but very satisfying process. The paint coats are super hard and if done correctly very even. The parts from the rear suspension have been cleaning up well - really just…

31 July 2016

Jeff Cooke

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Rebuild of the DeLorean front suspension - Check Cooling/Heating design and drawings done - Check Interrogating the Tesla steering wheel - No Check The Tesla steering column has been a challenge.…

17 July 2016

Jeff Cooke

Received New CANbus Kit

In order to operate at the CANbus speeds necessary for Tesla CAN and to take advantage of configured SavvyCAN software, I ordered the CANKit from EVTV.me. The kit comes with an Arduino Due and a shield…

5 April 2016

Jeff Cooke