News On Our Progress

Received New CANbus Kit

In order to operate at the CANbus speeds necessary for Tesla CAN and to take advantage of configured SavvyCAN software, I ordered the CANKit from EVTV.me. The kit comes with an Arduino Due and a shield…

4 April 2016

Jeff Cooke

Tesla Motor Inverter / Controller

One of components of the Tesla drive unit that is critical to controlling the motor is the inverter. The inverter takes in DC power (in this case about 400v) and converts it to the three phase AC power…

3 April 2016

Jeff Cooke

And So The Journey Begins

Introducing the TesLorean project (a Delorean with a Tesla motor). I got the Delorean 4 years ago this week and have been learning, researching, building and preparing for the conversion to electric. There's…

2 April 2016

Jeff Cooke