Powder Coating Rear Suspension

by Jeff Cooke 31 July 2016

Power Coat on Rear Parts

DIY powder coating is a slow but very satisfying process. The paint coats are super hard and if done correctly very even. The parts from the rear suspension have been cleaning up well - really just surface corrosion, oil, and mud. Hard to believe how good a condition everything is in after 35 years. To powder coat you need to take all the prior paint off the item and get it down to bare metal (lots of sandblasting and wire brushing). I guess like all good paint jobs, its all in the preparation.

This photo shows the rear spring (reusing the original stock springs), the rear upper and lower control arms, the cup for the rear shock, and both rear calipers (stock DeLorean).

If you look very closely (top right), you'll see two new Training Arm Bolts made from Inconel steel and Poly bushings!!!