Ready For Frame-Body Separation

by Jeff Cooke 2 October 2016

A key step in the conversion from Internal Combustion Engine to Electric is the removal of the original Engine and Transmission. This can be done without separating the DeLorean body and frame (upper and lower halves of the car), but since I'll be refurbishing the entire frame, it was worth getting them separated to get to parts of the frame that are inaccessible otherwise.

Rear Fascia Removed

Separating the frame and body also allows replacement or rebuilt brake lines, coolant lines (if needed), electric runs, etc.

Once the frame (suspension, steering, structure) is free, it will be much easier to remove the engine & transmission, and to position the Tesla motor, measure for drive axles, motor mounts, etc. Technically the positioning of the motor may sit in front of the ear axle, which would technically convert the DeLorean from rear to mid-engine (if you ignore the weight and positioning of the batteries).