Upgraded and Uprated Rear Suspension

by Jeff Cooke 21 August 2016

Rear Suspension Rebuilt

Today got the LHS rear suspension reassembled. Every component of the rear assembly was updated and upgraded. The rubber bushings were all replaced (trading 35 year old rubber for new rubber), with updates to the critical trailing arm bushing and bolt. The bolt is now inconel steel (a super alloy that is very unlikely to bend or break like the original) and the bushing is poly. High-impact resistant powder coating on many parts. New adjustable shocks added (ride height and response rate), but the springs are original but powder coated.

Overall improved safety, rideability , and adjustability. The rear suspension in the Delorean carries 60% of the weight of the car and carry the drive wheels.

Key upgrades/updates

  • Poly bushing and inconel bolt on trailing arm
  • Stainless braided flexible brake line
  • Caliper powder coated, stainless cross-over line, refurbished cylinders, new pads and pins
  • Powder coated upper and lower control arms, and new bushings
  • New wheel bearing